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Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System

Solar Panels
– Can be customized
Solar Inverter
– On-grid or Off-grid or Hybird
– LiFePo4 or Lead Acid
PV Mounting System
– Wall mounted or Ground Mounted
– AC Cable, DC Switches, AC Breaker, Combine box, PV Cable, Installation tools, Screws…

Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Half Cell Solar Panel

Power Range: 10W – 650W

Certificate: CE/TUV

Solar Panel Group
Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

On-grid Inverter / Off-grid Inverter / Hybird Inverter

Power Range: From 0.5 KW to 50 KW

Certificate: CE/TUV


Lithium Battery / Lead Acid  Battery

Voltage: 48V/51.2V, 144-384V

Capacity: 2.5kWh/5kWh/10kWh/20kWh and 150kWh battery pack

LIFEPO4 battery
Solar Pump

Multistage Solar Pump

Max Head : 20 — 320m;

Max Flow : 0.76 — 200 m3/hr;

Power : 0.1hp — 100hp;

 Motor : DC motor & AC motor;

Solar Street Light

Power : 20W – 60W;

Battery : Lithium Battery;

Working Time : 6 hour -12 hours;

Lighting Area : 40 – 80 square meters;

Solar Street Light
Solar EV Charger

Solar EV Charger

Input/Output Voltage : 230Vac±10%;

Output current : 32A 1Phase;

Charging gun type : Type2IEC 62196-2 /Type1SAE J1772 /GB/T20234.2;

Solar Freezer

Input Voltage : 12V, 24V, 220V;

Temperature :  up to -40 °C;

Power Source : Battery, Electric, Solar,;

Solar Refrigerator

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